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You might be familiar with buying a home in the city, but financing rural property can be more complex. Farm Plus Financial can help you move through the process quickly and easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the general loan requirements?


-Minimum loan amount $300,000

-Minimum credit score 660

-Agricultural use properties only

How do I go about financing a country home?

Your ability to find financing for a country home may depend on the value of the home compared to the value of the land, the amount of acreage, the down payment, and whether the property produces agricultural income.  Some commercial lenders can finance home sites up to just 10 acres in size.  Also, some lenders are restricted from making loans on which the land is worth more than the home.  Farm Plus Financial is among the most flexible rural home lenders in the country. 

How do land and home mortgages differ?

Land loans and home loans are normally similar; however conventional home lenders who utilize secondary markets such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are prohibited to make loans that exhibit an agricultural use and are limited to small acreage properties, typically under five acres.  Agricultural lenders, however, are the polar opposite in that if the collateral is considered to be anything other than agricultural use the collateral will not suffice. 

Land buyers often require longer terms and more flexible repayment schedules such as semiannual and annual payment options.  This is especially true if the income earned from the land, such as the sale of agricultural crops, is the primary source of loan repayment.  A lender that specializes in agricultural collateral/loans, such as Farm Plus Financial, is most likely to offer flexible financing. 

How does owner financing differ from a traditional mortgage?

Many rural land lenders offer mortgage products with prepayment penalties for paying off a mortgage early, which can be very costly to the consumer.  Owner financing loans typically do not require prepayment penalties; however loan terms tend to be shorter with an average loan term being five years.  Borrowing funds to purchase your land from a traditional lending institution can mean more products to choose from.  Farm Plus Financial offers more than 15 different loan types, none of which carry a prepayment penalty.

What are the main sources of rural financing?

Commercial banks, mortgage companies, insurance companies, and private lenders (owner financing) are all sources of financing for rural real estate.  Some are more active in financing certain types of real estate, such as working farms, than other types.  Farm Plus Financial finances the entire spectrum of rural real estate, from full time operational farms to country homes with acreage. 

What mortgage products are available to rural real estate buyers?

Both variable-rate and fixed-rate mortgage loans are available for agricultural use properties.  In addition to mortgages, Farm Plus Financial offers operating lines of credit which is secured by agricultural real estate as collateral.  The property being used as collateral must have the potential to produce agricultural income, but does not have to be producing income at the time of loan application. 

What should I look for in a rural lender?

Choose a lender who is knowledgeable and experienced in financing rural real estate.  An experienced rural lender can offer advice on agricultural-use tax exemptions, environmental factors, and insurance resources that can save you time and money.  When considering lending institutions, always ask if they are familiar with your type of property, and ask for a list of customers who have similar property types. 

What is Farm Plus Financial?

Who is Farm Plus Financial?

Farm Plus Financial is a lending institution headquartered in Lone Tree, Colorado with satellite locations throughout the United States.  We specialize in providing highly competitive agricultural real estate mortgages and operating lines of credit to agriculturists, rural home owners, and investors.  Our knowledgeable staff has extensive experience in agriculture and rural property lending.



What mortgage products are available to rural real estate buyers?

We offer over 15 different types of loan products ranging from short term mortgages to fixed rate mortgages to operating lines of credit.  Our loans are collateralized by agricultural or rural real estate and offer flexible payment dates with your choice of monthly, quarterly, semiannual, and annual payment options.

What makes Farm Plus Financial different from other lenders?

Farm Plus Financial is a specialized lender operating only for the purpose to provide capital to rural America.  We make all areas of agricultural lending our business, giving us a competitive advantage over banks that spread their focus over many industries.  Our dedication to a streamlined loan process, exceptional customer service, and highly competitive loan products have earned us a position in the spotlight as a leading land loan provider.

Are Farm Plus Financial interest rates competitive?

Farm Plus Financial is extremely competitive with other lenders.  That is because we provide loan products offered through a government sponsored entity whose sole purpose to is provide capital to the agricultural industry.

Do Farm Plus loan officers have any special qualifications?

Farm Plus loan officers typically have extensive education and experience in agricultural financing, banking, business and/or mortgage lending. In most cases, they live in the community, often grew up in an agricultural or rural area, and have a good understanding of local land values.