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176,805 acres Quemado, NM $59,500,000

176,805 acres Quemado, NM

Catron County Hall and Hall Hall and Hall

Type: Acreage

Vast beyond imagination, farther than the eye can see, The Great Western Ranch stretches across the flat-topped mesas and sandstone bluffs, the prairie grasses and red arroyos of Western New Mexico. For 53 miles east to west and 26 miles north to south, the Great Western encompasses 176,805 deeded acres and 115,974 leased acres of state and federal land for a total of 292,779 acres under its control. Altogether, The Great Western Ranch spans 457 square miles or an area more than one-third the size of Rhode Island. Located about 80 miles south of Grants, New Mexico, Great Western is a true, four-season ranch with superior big game hunting and a rich history. The expansive park-like rangelands, with abundant native grasses and a moderate climate, support cow-calf and yearling cattle operations. Extensive livestock water resources developed on the property include 56 wells, most of which are solar powered, and seasonal ponds, lakes and dirt tanks. Home to a large resident elk herd, as well as plentiful mule deer and pronghorn antelope, the Great Western supports a revenue-generating hunting operation known for its trophy-sized bull elk. The diverse terrain offers a variety of hunting experiences from ruggedly adventurous to hunts for all ages and experience levels. A newly refurbished hunting lodge with a stone fireplace, maintenance shop, steel barns, utility buildings and staff housing support ranching and hunting operations. There is history here too, from the Anasazis and Spanish explorers to the early homesteaders and continuing to ranchers of the modern era. On the ranch are historical and archeological sites, including Anasazi petroglyphs, ruins, and the tumbled-down stone homes and corrals of New Mexicos earliest homesteaders. One of the largest single landholdings available in the United States, The Great Western Ranch presents a rare opportunity to acquire an important part of the American West. $59,500,000

16,716 acres Chama, NM $41,791,300

16,716 acres Chama, NM

Rio Arriba County Sam Middleton Chas. S. Middleton and Son

Type: Acreage w/House

Location: This exceptional ranch is located in the heart of northern New Mexico, just west of Chama, in beautiful Rio Arriba County. The property is positioned along a major migration route for elk and mule deer heading out of the Colorado high-country toward wintering grounds in Northern New Mexico. The northern boundary of the ranch is less than one-half mile from the Colorado State Line. Acres: 16,716.52 Acres Terrain: Elevations on the ranch range from approximately 7,800 feet to over 9,800 feet near the northwest side of the property. The property offers scenic panoramic views of the productive meadows, timbered forest lands, snow-capped mountain peaks in nearby Colorado, and the beautiful Chama Valley. Topography is diverse, with the southern portion of the ranch offering open, grassy, rolling and hilly country with scattered canopies of Ponderosa Pine and Mountain Oak. As elevations increase, the south-central and eastern boundaries of the ranch become much more mountainous, with several pronounced canyons draining to the lower country. These rugged and timbered mountain slopes and ridges have sand stone rock outcroppings throughout, with timber cover increasing with elevation. Oak, Pine, Spruce, Fir, and Quaking Aspen can be found throughout the ranch. The central portion of the property is a wide, lush, creek bottom meadow that elevates to higher mountain country on the east portion of the ranch and also along the Continental Divide to the west. Water: The ranch is very well watered by Willow Creek, numerous tributaries, many mountain springs, and over 25 earthen ponds. The larger ponds are stocked with trout. Willow Creek provides the major drainage through the ranch. The creek's headwaters begin in the northern portion of the property and drain in a south to southeasterly direction throughout the entirety of the ranch. Additional sources of water include five permitted water wells. One of the wells reportedly produces approximately 80 gallons per minute. Access: Access to the ranch is by paved highway frontage. Hunting/Recreation: Hunting throughout this region of New Mexico is spectacular. Native elk and mule deer grow to Boone and Crockett size. The number of elk permits issued by the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish is governed by a Special Management Plan. Currently, the ranch receives 63 bull elk rifle permits and 24 bull elk bow permits. Northern New Mexico offers some of the greatest fishing opportunities in the country and trout fishing in the major ponds on the ranch is an added benefit. An 8 foot high game fence area containing approximately 2,000 acres is constructed in a very rugged mountainous portion of the eastern side of the property. The New Mexico Game and Fish Department granted the ranch a Class A Game Park Permit, which allows the ranch to raise their own private elk herd within the high fenced park. Domestic elk were shipped in from Colorado and currently there are approximately 519 privately owned elk located within the park. The advantage of a Class A Game Park is that the owner may decide his own hunting seasons and harvesting rates within the confines of the park. Improvements: A large, partial two story, hunting lodge is located in the southern portion of the ranch. The lodge features 11 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, along with a commercial kitchen and large great room. Additionally, a 10,000 square foot barn houses the elk handling facility which is used for artificial insemination of the private elk herd. This first class set of handling pens is equipped with a hydraulic chute, sorting pens, alleys, and a maze of overhead cat walks for ease in handling the elk. The barn also contains a walk-in cooler, large shop, office, kitchen, five upstairs bedrooms (used by hunting guides), a downstairs apartment and four bathrooms. A more complete list of improvements and equipment is available. Remarks: The numerous improvements on the property are all well kept and remain in first class condition. The structural improvements, high game fencing, buried waterlines and electric lines, wells, extensive road network, and numerous other improvements offer an attractive depreciation schedule to the purchaser. This exceptional ranch is ready to operate and enjoy. This price includes all privately owned elk and an inventory of essential ranch equipment and rolling stock. Minerals: One-half of the minerals and 100% of the executive leasing rights will be included at the $41,791,300 price. Should a purchaser want 100% of the mineral rights, the seller will convey all minerals at a total consideration of $45,000,000. In today's real estate market, with minerals often times being so valuable, it is extremely seldom a ranch is ever offered for sale with 100% of the minerals available. At this price, the seller will include the Essential Ranch Equipment and also the Heavy Equipment Inventory (List Available). Price: $2,500 per acre

122,073 acres Fort Sumner, NM $29,297,520

122,073 acres Fort Sumner, NM

Debaca County Ben G. Scott Scott Land Company, LLC

Type: Acreage

Double V Ranch DeBaca/Chaves Counties, New Mexico 1. LOCATION: Approximately 50 miles north/northeast of Roswell, New Mexico (population approx. 50,000) on Hwy 20 and approximately 25 miles southwest of Fort Sumner, New Mexico. The municipal airport at Fort Sumner with a paved runway has an elevation of 4,165 ft. with an elevation at Fort Sumner of 4,030 ft. Elevation at the ranch varies from approximately 3,850 ft. to 4,300 ft. 2. IMPROVEMENTS: The owners home is very attractive with approximately 4,400 sq. ft. of living area, fire places, a large master bedroom and a three bay carport. Near the owners home is a saloon fashioned after the late 1800s/early 1900s era with two bedrooms and a bath. The foremans home is comfortable with either three or four bedrooms as needed. There are three additional homes in good condition on the ranch. There are four large sets of pens with a scale at each set of pens and a number of smaller sets of branding/gathering pens scattered throughout the ranch. There are several barns, shops and out buildings at the headquarters and other locations on the ranch. Fencing on the ranch is average to above average with some woven wire. The ranch is divided into a number of pastures. 3. WATER: There are approximately 50 water wells on the ranch which range in depth from very shallow to just over 300 ft. with typical drinking tubs at each well coupled with numerous pipelines, large storage tanks and drinking tubs. Most wells are powered by windmills with some equipped with submersible electric motors and pumps. There are a large number of earthern dams on the ranch together with spring fed Conejo Creek, Arroya de la Mora Creek and the Pecos River. 4. BROKERS COMMENTS: The ranch consist of approximately 109,000 +/- deeded acres, 10,175 acres +/- of New Mexico State Lease and 2,898 acres +/- of BLM lease. There are three areas of the ranch that are sub-irrigated or partially sub-irrigated which definitely enhance the operation of the ranch with these pastures being fenced seperately in order to add large numbers of livestock to these pastures at the appropriate time and then be able to keep livestock out of these pastures when desired. Hunting, under normal rainfall conditions, also enhances the value and recreational aspect of the ranch. Game consists of mule deer, antelope, quail and occasional turkey. A ranch of this magnitude and all being contiguous has become a scarce commodity in anyones country and deserves your attention.

36,460.2 acres Laguna, NM $20,000,000

36,460.2 acres Laguna, NM

Sandoval County Sam Middleton Chas. S. Middleton and Son

Type: Acreage w/House

Location: The Lower L Bar Ranch is located approximately 75 miles northwest of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Acres: 36,460.2 Deeded Acres Terrain: The terrain varies dramatically from high mesas with steep fractured rock ledges and ridges to lower wide valley bottoms. These rugged features offer unbelievable views throughout the ranch, and include numerous massive steep protruding volcanic up thrust cones, which tower over the surrounding countryside. Vegetation includes scattered juniper in the lower elevations with oak, mountain mahogany, pinon, and an abundance of large ponderosa pine in the higher elevations. Water: The ranch is watered by wells, pipeline waterings, many earthen ponds, springs and seasonal creeks. The ranch has 200 acre feet of permitted water rights and 57 acres is watered by pivot sprinkler systems. Additionally, the owner of the property has obtained the right to develop the deep water (below 2,500'). This right allows the property owner to drill up to 20 water wells, equating to 20,000 acre feet of deep water. Access: Access is by a well maintained private easement road. The main entrance can be locked to ensure privacy. Hunting/Recreation: Wildlife features on the Lower L Bar Ranch are impressive. Game species include elk, mule deer, black bear, mountain lion, bobcat, barbary sheep (aoudad), turkey and waterfowl. The property is located in New Mexico Big Game Unit 9 and the ranch receives 30 bull elk rifle tags, 8 bull elk muzzleloader tags, 22 either sex archery tags, and 56 cow elk rifle tags. Improvements: The Lower L Bar Ranch is well improved. The main headquarters consists of a 3 bedroom 1 3/4 bath owner's home, outbuildings and shipping pens. A partial two story log hunting lodge set up to accommodate 15 guests is located on the edge of a high rocky bluff overlooking the valley bottom lands. Remarks: This ranch has a rugged, very scenic "western movie set" look. Besides being a working cattle ranch, the Lower L Bar offers exceptional hunting opportunities and the ranch is ready to operate and enjoy. Minerals: One-half of the minerals and 100% of the executive leasing rights will convey with the property. Price: $20,000,000, or approximately $549 per acre

36,500 acres Marquez, NM $20,000,000

36,500 acres Marquez, NM

Sandoval County Rhonda Burns Destiny Real Estate

Type: Acreage w/House 9 Beds | 7 Baths | 8000 SqFt

Widely known for its excellent big game hunting, the L Bar Ranch is close to town and you can see Albuquerque's Sandia Mountain from the gate. With exceptional mineral and water resources to complement the cattle ranching and wildlife, the L Bar Ranch is a one of a kind New Mexico ranch. Few buyers are able to preserve these remaining large western ranches. This is Big Country. What an opportunity for the right person! LOCATION: The ranch is only 38 air miles northwest of downtown Albuquerque, and approximately 75 miles by road. The drive takes you through spectacular Indian country and across some of the oldest Spanish land grants in the United States. Lying on the mesas and volcanic sculpted landscape northeast of Mount Taylor, or the Tsoodzil (Turquoise Mountain) one of the four sacred mountains of Navajo legend, the ranch is about 90 minutes from Albuquerque's international airport. It's only about 60 minutes from Double Eagle Airport where most private aircraft land. The 2- hour drive to Santa Fe makes it an ideal vacation location. SIZE AND LAND TENURE: The total acreage is estimated to be 36,500 +/-, all in fee simple deeded ownership. Included are 200 acre-feet of irrigation water rights, potential hydrocarbon and mineral production (uranium) with the executive rights to an undivided 50% of the minerals on this property. GEOGRAPHY: The L-Bar ranges in elevation from approximately 6,000 feet to over 8,500 feet at its highest point giving it two distinctive climates. Part of the property lies on Mesa Chivato, a high mesa running northeast from the peak of 11,300-foot Mt. Taylor. The lower country is considered high desert, with magnificent volcanic sculpted landscape. This is rich productive rangeland, but with relatively low average annual rainfall. Deep arroyos, towering volcanic cones, steep hillsides and broad open valleys that collect the runoff from the surrounding hills carve the desert country. The real beauty of the ranch is that portion that transitions from high desert to the top of Mesa Chivato. This area includes steep sandstone cliffs, rugged buttes, deep canyons and increasing tree cover. Once you reach the Mesa top, you will encounter Ponderosa Pine, Gambel Oak groves and other high mountain brush and forage. Vegetation in the lower country includes varieties of gramma grasses, western wheatgrass, sacaton, mountain mahogany, Chamisa, Apache Plume, winterfat and some fescue. The higher elevations contain many of the same feed sources plus mountain muhly. WILDLIFE: The heart of the ranch is the great diversity of wildlife. Game species include Elk, Mule Deer, Black Bear, Mountain Lion, Bobcats, Barbary sheep, Blue Quail, Morning Dove, and Wild Turkey. The elk and mule deer in particular, benefit from the diverse terrain with high elevation habitat for late spring, summer and fall. More importantly, the lower country provides excellent winter range for these large herbivores, and they do not have to migrate away from the ranch during changing seasons of the year. Hunting opportunities are immense. Located in New Mexico big game unit #9, the ranch received 30 Mature Bull Elk rifle tags, 8 Mature Bull muzzleloader tags, 22 either sex Elk archery tags and 56 rifle cow elk tags from the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. This significant contribution to the ranch operation is in recognition by the Department of the excellent wildlife habitat management the owner have provided since they purchased the ranch over twenty years ago. IMPROVEMENTS: In addition to the original ranch headquarter's house and cattle handling facilities, the ranch sports an extravagant Hunting Lodge constructed of log and native rock located on spectacular sandstone bluffs midway up the mesa in the transition area. The two-story lodge is approximately 3,400 sq. ft. with a great room that provides an inviting atmosphere for guests. The lodge can accommodate 14 guests and has 4 bathrooms. An 18' x 20' guide's bunkhouse provides an additional 6 beds and has a 3/4 bath. The guest lodge sits on a rim that overlooks most of the lower country. The 2,400 sq. ft. headquarter's residence is a modern 3 bedroom, 1 and 3/4 bath home with a large basement. It is adobe stucco construction with a metal roof and many wood accents. The headquarters barn is 28' x 44' adobe stucco. It has a large hayloft that provides ample feed storage. Ranching facilities include a 70' x 125' mechanic shop with living quarters, 60' x 125' hay barn, a 20' x 40' wood working shop, and other out buildings and laborer's homes. There are three livestock working facilities on the ranch. Each is constructed of pipe and designed for ease of use and limited livestock stress. At the headquarters' pens there is also a 24' x 60' livestock shed. WATER: The distribution of water on the Lower L-Bar Ranch is probably as good as any ranch in the State of New Mexico. An 800 foot irrigation well provides water for two center pivot sprinkler systems irrigating about approximately 65 acres. The ranch has a total of 200 acre feet of water rights. This is a huge benefit for increasing the number and quality of the elk herd, or for producing cattle feed. Additionally the ranch has 7 domestic and livestock wells, numerous springs, over 150 dirt tanks, and some intermittent creeks. A 1.25" pipeline system serves the lower country, providing livestock and wildlife water for much of the lower ranch. Salado Creek, an intermittent stream, forms the extreme southern boundary of the ranch. MINERALS: The ranch has an undivided 50% of the minerals on the 36,500 acres and the executive rights for those minerals. All minerals owned on the property by the ranch owner will be included in the offering. The property is located in the San Juan Basin, famous for its natural gas production. Geological studies indicate probable natural gas deposits under the ranch and also potential underground natural gas storage. More importantly, uranium mines located just to the west and south of the ranch indicate the possibility of uranium mining on the property. Many experts feel that nuclear power is the true alternative energy to oil and the potential value of the mineral rights are significant. LIVESTOCK: The diverse altitudes allow for summering livestock at the higher elevations while using the lower country for winter grazing and calving. Some supplemental feeding is required in the winter, but snow seldom lingers on the lower pastures. Cattle grazing has been kept to a minimum to enhance wildlife habitat. The ranch should easily carry 650 animal units year long. Although the ranch has an excellent interior road system, there are still plenty of opportunities to manage the pastures on horseback. UTILITIES: Electrical service is furnished to the headquarters and some of the wells. A large capacity diesel generator powers the lodge. Propane is used for most heating appliances. COMMENTS: The L - Bar Ranch is a truly magnificent western New Mexico ranch that contains all the things the discriminating ranch buyer seeks. It has beautiful scenery, absolute privacy, great potential income from natural resources and it is located in one of the best big game hunting areas in New Mexico. Only 90 minutes from the Albuquerque Sunport International Airport makes it perfect for an upscale hunting ranch or simply for an executive get away and investment opportunity. We are not aware of any comparable properties available for purchase this near the largest city in New Mexico and only 2 and hours from historic Santa Fe, NM. PRICE: 20,000,000.00 This price does not include any Deep Water Development. Commission paid only when property funds and closes.Seller married to New Mexico Qualifying Broker.

34,248 acres Ruidoso, NM $15,411,600

34,248 acres Ruidoso, NM

Lincoln County Martin, Tom, Lee P., Lee H., Rick, Kevin, Lane, Elaine Lee, Lee & Puckitt Associates, Inc.

Type: Acreage w/House

Size: 34,248 of deeded land and 2360 acres of New Mexico State Lease (lease about $1.45/acre/year) but can vary a little per year, up and down. The Pajarito Ranch, is composed of the original Pajarito Ranch, the Slaughter Ranch, and the Leonard Ranch, all being old reputation ranches. The current owners Sam Donaldson and Janice Donaldson have owned this ranch for over 20 years. Location: Ranch location is near Hondo, New Mexico and seven miles off of State Hwy. 70, on county road EO28. The ranch is approximately 34 miles east of Ruidoso New Mexico and approximately 35 miles west of Roswell, New Mexico with a south exit intersecting State Hwy. 82 about 40 miles west of Artesia, New Mexico. Terrain: Scenic rolling hills to low mountain country with fertile valleys produce an abundance of native grama and various grasses. Vegetation: Pajarito Ranch has an abundance of black grama grass, sideoats, and other native grass. Cover consist of small native brush with areas of Juniper, Pinon Pine, and a few scattered Pondorosa Pine. Considering this was the location of the Donaldson fire 3 summers ago, the grass and trees are currently thriving and a good summer of rainfall will grow waves of grama grass and sideoats as good or better than ever. The area has had two years of little rainfall, but the normal rainfall pattern has good rains coming around the end of the big mountains and right up the Hondo Valley. Improvements: Set (#1) The hunting lodge, new condition, 1782 sq.ft. large porch all built for comfort to enjoy. Good steel working pens and shipping pens. Set (#2) Original Pajarito Mountain Ranch headquarters house 1215 sq.ft with a 2900 sq.ft barn with full bath inside a 240 sq.ft bunk house. Good steel working and shipping pens with scales. Set (#3) The old slaughter headquarter house, 2200 sq.ft. need work, 5yr.old new condition double wide house containing 1300 sq.ft., older shearing barn and pens. Set (#4) good set of steel working & shipping pens with scales. The ranch is fenced into 24 major pastures plus numerous traps and holding pens. There is approximately 32 miles of new fence (100%), approximately 34 miles of totally rebuilt fence (90%), about 9.5 miles game park fence and about 13.5 miles of older fence(40%) which is at a later date to be taken out to combine pastures. Water: There are 9 good water wells, 5 electric pumps, 2 solar pumps and 2 powered by generator when needed. There is approximately 40 to 45 miles of 1 inch water line connecting 16 (10,000 to 12,000 gallon) storage tanks strategically located to supply over 40 drinking tubs, and many earth tanks and ponds during normal years of rainfall. This ranch would be considered a well watered ranch. This ranch normally can carry around 600 cows, or 1200 yearling cattle for 7 months, or 1500 to 2000 Mexican steers. Normal rainfall is approximately 12 inches per year and 12 to 14 inches of snowfall. Access: Very good caliche county road access and over 100 miles good to fair pasture roads to access all of the pastures. Hunting: This ranch joins the Mescalero Apache reservation on the east. The Pajarito Ranch utilizes 12 bull elk and 3 cow elk permits per year, so they maintain quality bull elk many scoring 350 and up. These hunts sell for $5,500 to $8,500 per hunt. They also harvest about 15 quality buck deer per year and a number of Barbary or Aoudad sheep with trophy curls, these are $3500 per hunt. They also have good numbers of quail and turkey. There is also antelope on the ranch. This ranch is bordered by good neighbors dedicated to maintaining quality game. Minerals: Seller owns various amounts throughout the ranch and shall convey one half of what seller owns. Price: $450.00 per acre Summary: Beautiful views of the Capitan, Pajarito, Nogal and Sierra Blanca Mountains. This ranch gives a great sense of remoteness yet affords you with commercial and private airports within 20 to 35 miles, great shopping, restaurants, constant entertainment from casinos, tourist attractions, broadway plays, horse race track, all winter ski and snow sports. This ranch should be an excellent investment with all of the above amenities. You must see this part of the world and this ranch to fully appreciate it.

82,685 acres Vaughn, NM $14,000,000

82,685 acres Vaughn, NM

Guadalupe County Nick Cortese Fallon-Cortese Land

Type: Acreage w/House 8 Beds | 6 Baths

Tri County Ranch The Tri County Ranch is located 14 miles south of Vaughn, New Mexico along Highway 285. There are about five miles of highway frontage on both sides of the four lane road. Approximately 5 sections lay on the east side of the road with the remaining 125 sections on the west side of Highway 285. There is a county road that runs to the headquarters and continues on out the top of the ranch to the North. The land tenure consists of the following: 46,254 Deeded acres 7,524 New Mexico State Lease acres 29,880 BLM acres 82,685 Total acres or app. 130 sections The ranch is split into 39 pastures and traps ranging from half a section in the smallest trap to 6 sections in the largest pasture. A rotational grazing program has been in use for many years maintaining three herds and rotating through the existing pastures on a regular basis. An extensive water system with many drinkers that have their own storage and many more storage tanks are strategically located to supply the pastures. To maintain the rotational program, the water system is designed to allow each pasture the capability to water 700 cows. The water originates from 8 wells on the ranch, with the strongest one having the capacity of producing 300 gpm. The rest of the wells are from 20 gpm down to the weakest well at 1 gpm. The BLM rates the ranch at 1911 cattle, 75 sheep and 20 horses. Tri County Ranch features a variety of strong grasses, sandy loam and limestone base soil. The ranch is in the middle of great livestock country and is a large established reputation ranch in strong grassland country. The headquarters has one of the largest and well-built set of working pens you will find anywhere. The owner tells of penning 1500 head of cattle in the pens stripping the calves and having three sets of branding pens going at once with ropers dragging calves. By having a large crew they were able to brand all calves by two in the afternoon. There is a 100,000 lb. set of scales in the center of the working pens that are completely electronic. Also, there is a large tub, threading alley and squeeze chute with pregnancy checking capabilities. The main house has a 100 ft. x 100 ft. bottom floor with an upstairs to boot. The bottom floor has four two bedroom one bath apartments complete with full kitchens and living area. On the bottom floor there are two more bedrooms two separate baths, a complete kitchen and utility room with large dining area to hold a large crew of cowboys. The upstairs has six bedrooms and three baths. The previous owner would bring many friends and family to brand the calves in the Spring. At night they would clean up, clean out the barn and have a barn dance. This is a must-see working ranch in the center of Cattle Country New Mexico.

27,000 acres Capitan, NM $13,250,000

27,000 acres Capitan, NM

Lincoln County Greg Liddle Hayden Outdoors

Type: Acreage w/House 5 Beds | 4 Baths

EL CAPITAN LAND AND CATTLE - $13,250,000Approximately 27,000 acres (+/- 11,100 acres deeded and +/- 16,000 acres National Forest Lease with (200 AUM) permit) El Capitan Ranch easily carries +/- 450 pairs of cattle and supports over 30 elk hunts per year, +/- 5 deer hunts, turkey, lion and grouse. The ranch is all contiguous, well watered and bordering the million-acre Lincoln National Forest and Capitan Mountains Wilderness Area with 34,000 acres designated for horseback riding, backpacking or four-wheel-drive only. This is where Smoky the Bear was found as a cub in 1951 and Billie the Kid used this wilderness area as a hideout.The Capitan Mountains, a rare east and west running mountain range, has elevations ranging from 4,000 to 11,500 feet and passes through 5 different life zones from Chihuahuan desert to sub-alpine forest. Vegetation types are very diverse across the forest and range from rare cacti in the lower elevations to Englemann spruce in the higher elevations. Out your back door and gate of the ranch, is the million acres of the Lincoln National Forest with waterfalls, springs, historic areas and hideouts of Billie the Kid and his gang. The +/- 16,000 acre Lincoln National Forest grazing permit currently allows for 200 AUM.CATTLE INCOME ?? On an average moisture year the ranch has historically carried +/- 450 head of cattle.HUNTING INCOME ?? (Includes Game Park and Landowner Tags) ?? El Capitan Land and Cattle has averaged up to 20+ game park elk hunts per year, 10 free-range elk hunts and 5-10 mule deer hunts plus turkey, bear and lion.GAME PARK, HUNTING AND STOCKED TROUT POND ?? The oldest licensed high fence game park in New Mexico, comprised of +/- 1700 acres, compliments the headquarters lodge, guesthouse and caretaker house, with a herd of trophy elk currently occupying the park. Barns, sheds, breeding pens and handling pens compliment the park. Wild turkey, antelope and mule deer also call the ranch home, with landowner tags available for owner and guests. For the upland hunter, doves, quail and grouse abound. Bobcat, lion, bear and coyote will keep you busy as a predator hunter. A spring-fed pond is stocked with trophy trout for the fisherman, kids or grandkids.WATER - The ranch is well watered, owns it own water, and is complemented by wells, pipelines, drinkers and springs. The ranch is fenced and cross-fenced into numerous pastures, allowing for rotation of cattle and hunting.MINERALS ?? The ranch owners will convey 50% of mineral rights owned.HEADQUARTERS - Custom lodge, guesthouse, 80 x 80 barn/shop and caretaker/ranch manager house make up the headquarters property, inclusive of 1700 acre licensed game park and supporting improvements.PURCHASE THE ENTIRE RANCH OR IN SEPARATE PARCELS -El Capitan Land & Cattle Ranch, while being offered in its entirety, will consider offering specific parts of this unequalled and never duplicated New Mexico treasure into 5 smaller parcels ranging from +/- 880 acres to +/- 4050 acres.Offered at $13,250,000, contact Greg Liddle today at 970-946-0374. Available for immediate showings available to qualified buyers. Co-brokers welcome.

29,142 acres Pie Town, NM $13,250,000

29,142 acres Pie Town, NM

Catron County Dave Harrigan and Hunter Harrigan Harrigan Land Company

Type: Acreage

"World-class" is no exaggeration when describing the exceptional trophy elk hunting on the renowned Southern Cross Ranch in west-central New Mexico. On the Southern Cross Ranch, geography, genetics and habitat have combined to create an entire ecosystem that produces some of the largest bull elk on the planet. The Southern Cross is indeed a "land of giants" well-known for amazing numbers of 350- to 400-class bulls that have free access to its 29,142 acres (18,535 deeded). Simply put, the Southern Cross controls over 45 square miles of the finest trophy elk habitat anywhere. The Southern Cross has been superbly managed for years to maintain its status as one of America's premier hunting destinations. A spectacular 6,000 square-foot log lodge is the centerpiece of the ranch. With six bedrooms, five and one half baths, and wraparound deck, the lodge treats guests luxuriously. A caretaker's house, corrals, barn and meat cooler completes the outstanding facilities on the ranch, all "ready-to-roll" for the next hunting season. Southern Cross Ranch has been allotted 29 bull elk tags and 11 cow elk tags for the 2011-2012 season. Straddling both sides of the Continental Divide, the Southern Cross Ranch ranges in elevation from 7300 to 8200 feet, which makes it ideally situated for supporting many square miles of pinion pine and alligator juniper forest, interspersed with grassy meadows. Much of the ranch's terrain is rolling, and a good network of ranch roads provides vehicular access throughout. With wildlife and livestock management in mind, dozens of water sources have been developed throughout the ranch, utilizing both wind and solar power. The Southern Cross is best known for its elk hunting, but its superb mule deer and antelope hunting should not be overlooked, either. As a combination cattle/hunting ranch or a hunting resort alone, the potential for this spectacular piece of western New Mexico may be unmatched anywhere in the United States. With excellent year-round access, the "land of giants" is located only 2.5 hours from Albuquerque and 3.5 hours from Santa Fe.

44,650 acres Grants, NM $12,725,000

44,650 acres Grants, NM

Cibola County First United Realty First United Realty

Type: Acreage

Spreading out across 44,650 - deeded acres and 75,820 acres of combined New Mexico and Arizona state leaseare the lush grasslands, rain fed arroyos, and towering red rock mesas in one of the finest livestock and trophy elk ranches in the southwest. The Hinkson Ranch is situated in the cool highlands of western New Mexico where the soils, grasses and rainfall combine to produce ideal grazing conditions as well as superb wildlife habitat. This expansive acreage provides sufficient meadows to comfortably run 1,300 animal units on a year round basis plus a full complement of replacement heifers and bulls. The treed canyons and grassy meadows provide prime habitat for the resident trophy elk, mule deer, antelope and wild turkey. The large block of private lands, with the addition of New Mexico State and Arizona State lease lands, provide an outstanding investment with owner privacy and trophy big game hunting opportunities. LOCATION AND ACCESS The ranch is situated in Cibola County, New Mexico and adjoins the New Mexico/ Arizona state line. The major grasses include various gramas, galleta, muhly, three-awns, ricegrass, needle-and-thread, and squirrel tail. Browse species include four-wing saltbush, winterfat and various sages. The ranch's topography is characterized by sloping to rolling plateaus, mesas and alluvial fans interspersed with well defined washes, arroyos, and small canyons. Mature stands of Rocky Mountain Juniper and Pinon Pine blend ideally with the ranch's sweeping pastures. Deep soft sandy loam soils cover the entire ranch. The scenic canyons, rolling hills and grasslands of Hinkson Ranch support large and healthy herds of elk, antelope and mule deer each of which are resident throughout the year within its sprawling 120,470 acres. Other game species include mountain lion, black bear, scaled quail and dove. The ranch has historically participated in the big game landowner hunting permit program administered through the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish. Landowner hunting tags historically issued for the ranch include rifle, muzzleloader,and archery. With abundant habitat and an undisturbed boundary with both the Zuni and Navajo Indian Nations, the Hinkson Ranch is ideally situated for the management of trophy quality elk,mule deer, and antelope. The Hinkson's vast stretches of rolling juniper grasslands make for ideal wildlife habitat. Its layout could not have been more strategically designed by virtue of it being sandwiched between the Zuni and Navajo and the privacy afforded by the lack of any public access through the ranch. The ranch has never in its history been open for public hunting. The genetics observed in the Hinkson Elk Herd are rarely equaled. Both 6x6 and 7x7 typical framegenetics, Recently 100 head of elk were located from one vantage point on the Hinkson property. There are multiples of bulls scoring over 350 B&C. The Hinkson Ranch stands out as one of the southwests premier trophy big game destinations.

21,850 acres Vaughn, NM $11,000,000

21,850 acres Vaughn, NM

Guadalupe County Ben G. Scott Scott Land Company, LLC

Type: Acreage

La Esquina Ranch-Guadalupe County, NM State: New Mexico Region: East Central New Mexico County: Guadalupe Property Type: All Native Grass Cattle Ranch Acres: 21,850 +/- Deeded Acres 150 +/- Bureau of Land Management Lease 22,000 +/- acres Price: $11,000,000.00 Taxes: Approximately $ 7,085.48 annually Location: Adjacent to and North, Northeast of Vaughn, New Mexico This 22,000 acre working cattle ranch is situated in central New Mexico with the ranch headquarters located at the northeast edge of the city limits of Vaughn and continuing northeast towards Santa Rosa, New Mexico along Hwy 54 with part of the ranch divided by Hwy 54. The headquarters is located on Highways 54/60 just west of the intersection of Highways 54 and 60 and adjacent to the city limits of Vaughn. There is a 1993 Country Wide 28x70 modular home at the headquarters together with a large metal barn and a large set of pens. Also there is a large metal barn and a scale (not presently in use) located on the west side of the ranch. The ranch is watered by a community water line from the city of Vaughn and 3 windmills (windmills are not presently in use) furnishing water for many miles of pipeline to storage tanks which supply water that is piped to 19 drinking tubs strategically placed in every pasture and 19 large dirt tanks (earthen dams). The ranch is fenced and cross fenced into 8 pastures. The fences are average for the area with a woven wire/barbed wire combination on much of the ranch with the balance of the ranch fenced with barbed wire. The terrain is generally grass covered, rolling hills with large wide draws at elevations ranging from 5,850 to 6,000. Pasture grasses include Grama, Side - Oats Grama, Galleta, Sand Drop Seed and Western Love. Some Stag-Horn Cholla are found in the lower areas. This area of New Mexico has been utilized to a large extent in the past for summering light weight steers and heifers with the open, rolling terrain making a yearling operation work well however cow/calf operations are predominant in the area.

21,700 acres Datil, NM $10,900,000

21,700 acres Datil, NM

Catron County Dave Harrigan and Hunter Harrigan Harrigan Land Company

Type: Acreage

Rugged scenery combined with trophy elk and mule deer herds makes the 21,700 deeded acre Sawtooth Shadows Ranch a New Mexico dream ranch for sportsmen with a special appreciation for Southwestern culture, history and landscape. Located in northeastern Catron County near the fabled mesa-top pueblo of Acoma, and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundations Double H Ranch, the territory around Sawtooth Shadows Ranch remains largely unchanged from when it was settled by the ancestors of the Acoma and Navajo tribes millenia ago, and hardy ranchers a century ago. Even today, petroglyphs and artifacts of Native American culture are common on the ranch, as are remnants of several homesteads from New Mexico's pioneer days. The Sawtooth Shadows Ranch lies in the high New Mexico desert at elevations from 6700 to 7700 feet. Dominating the southern skyline are the rugged Sawtooth Mountains and the Datil Mountains in the Cibola National Forest, a refuge for some of the largest elk in the west. Fortunately for hunters, the ranch shares a 14-mile boundary with the National Forest and its elk (many bulls in the 400-plus class) freely range into the pinon/juniper and ponderosa forests of Sawtooth Shadows Ranch as well. The fact that approximately thirty landowner bull elk tags come with the ranch and that it lies in Unit 13, a primitive weapons area for elk, makes this ranch perfectly situated as a trophy elk ranch with a distinctive Southwestern flavor. Other game abounds on Sawtooth Shadows, including huge mule deer in the 200-plus class (open to rifle hunting), mountain lion, black bear, pronghorn, turkey, and small game. A remarkable diversity of terrain from sweeping mesas, sandstone cliffs, rolling grasslands and arroyos invites days of exploration and gives the wildlife plenty of habitat from which to choose. An intermittent drainage, Alamocito Creek, runs through nearly 20 miles of the ranch and provides seeps and seasonal water to supplement numerous wells and tanks on the property. Cattle ranching and trophy elk hunting combine well at Sawtooth Shadows, and numerous ranch improvements can support at least 200 head of cattle year-round. The ranch has power and phone and includes a roomy ranch house, a recently renovated bunkhouse, cookhouse, and an authentic Navajo hogan, fully renovated for guest use. Sawtooth Shadows Ranch is located equidistant from Pie Town, New Mexico to the southwest, Acoma Pueblo to the north. Year-round access is via well maintained roads about 16 miles from Pie Town, and 20 miles from Datil, New Mexico. Like all of the Southwest, Sawtooth Shadows Ranch is much better experienced than described. Harrigan Land Company would be privileged to introduce you to the very magical part of the Great Southwest called Sawtooth Shadows Ranch.

12,520 acres Winston, NM $10,000,000

12,520 acres Winston, NM

Socorro County Hall and Hall Hall and Hall

Type: Acreage

Located 11 miles northwest of Winston, New Mexico, the Morrow Ranch is easily accessible from State Highway 52 and year-round county-maintained Road 59. A combination working cow ranch and recreational property adjacent to the Gila National Forest, sixth largest in the western US. The ranch is a contiguous block of well watered rangeland, rolling prairie, ponderosa covered foothills, arroyos, and exceptional wildlife habitat, currently allocated 35 elk tags. Functional improvements include a ranch home, cattle/horse barn, storage buildings and livestock handling facilities.

17,900 acres Santa Rosa, NM $9,000,000

17,900 acres Santa Rosa, NM

Guadalupe County Charles Bennett United Country - Vista Nueva, Inc.

Type: Acreage 3 Beds | 3 Baths

Here is your opportunity to own one of the most extraordinary ranches in New Mexico located southwest of Santa Rosa. The main headquarter is a historic stagecoach stop, The Ranch has extensive improvements consisting of a main residence, foreman's home and some additional houses. There is a large indoor arena with stalls, outdoor arena, round pen, hospital barn, hay barn, commodity barn, equipment barn and other various outbuildings. The terrain is rolling hill country along Pintada Creek with small canyons and meadows. On the south & west end of the ranch the terrain is more level. The northeast side of the ranch has sub-irrigated meadows. The Pecos River runs on the east boundary of this ranch.

9,200 acres Springer, NM $8,556,000

9,200 acres Springer, NM

Colfax County Ben G. Scott Scott Land Company, LLC

Type: Acreage

High Hopes Ranch On The Cimarron State: New Mexico Region: Northeastern New Mexico County: Colfax County Property Type: Native Grassland Acres: 9,200 deeded acres plus 193 acres of New Mexico state lease Price: $930.00 per deeded acre Taxes: $9,072.94 for 2013 as received from taxing authorities via telephone. Location: Just east of Springer, New Mexico on Hwy. 56 approximately 3 miles to the beginning of the ranch and approximately 3 miles to the main headquarters. The Cimarron River runs east, southeast through the north end of the High Hopes Ranch just south of the headquarters. The entrance to the ranch is via a tree-lined, all weather road passing three large horse paddocks with pipe rail fences which are situated between Hwy. 56 and the main headquarters. Located approximately one quarter mile off of Hwy. 56, the headquarters is quiet and serene with no road noise. It is almost impossible to describe the state-of-the-art improvements on this Colfax County, New Mexico ranch. The ranch was bought and improved by a well-known actor and is designed and constructed with the best of the best. Schools in Springer are approximately 3 miles from the ranch and have grades one through twelve with school bus transportation for the students. Improvements on the ranch which are virtually new and in excellent condition consist of the following: 1) A 5,000 sq. ft. +/- home has 18 in. walls and is covered by a metal roof with a Stucco veneer in the style of the Spanish Southwest. The home has a large living area, a large kitchen/dining area, a huge master bedroom, a full master bath with a walk-in shower and tub, a cedar lined, walk-in closet, a larger than average second bedroom with a bath with a walk-in shower, an indoor dry sauna adjacent to a steam room next to a full walk-in shower, a bath which is located just off of a large hot tub with Jacuzzi, a Vision Fitness exercise bike, a Quantum treadmill and a Bow Flex exercise machine. Attached to the home is an oversized two car garage with automatic roll-up doors. You can enjoy three excellent fire places in the winter and central air conditioning in the summer when needed. The house is also heated with hot-water radiators throughout. Flooring consists of Guadalajara (Mexican) tile, hard wood floors (Oak), rugs and indoor/outdoor carpet in the area where the hot tub and the exercise equipment are located. A large, outdoor swimming pool with cover is also located within the main housing complex. Water is supplied to the main house and guest houses by a tap on the town of Springer community waterline together with water supplied to the yard at the main house from a domestic well equipped with a submersible electric motor and pump which also supplies water to the barns, pens and other improvements at the headquarters. 2) The number one guest house is complete with a large living/dining/bedroom area, an electric cook stove, microwave oven, refrigerator, washer/dryer, a bath with walk-in shower, wood burning fire place, propane heat and refrigerated air. This home also has a metal roof and Guadalajara (Mexican) tile flooring. This is a very attractive home, both inside and out. 3) The number two guest house also has a combination living/dining/bedroom area with a bath, an old style, very attractive bathtub in the kitchen/living area, a refrigerator and an electric cook stove. The home is heated with a wood burning stove and electric heat along the floors located strategically through-out the house and has operating windows for summertime cooling. This also is a very attractive home with Guadalajara (Mexican) tile flooring and a metal roof. This guest house is attached to a large complex which has a metal roof and consists of a huge two bay equipment storage building with 12X 16 roll-up doors and another large building attached to the same complex which is used as a state-of-the-art shop with a 12X 16 roll-up door, and a walk door. There are concrete floors throughout the complex. 4) The next row of buildings begins with two fenced dog kennels, rabbit hutches, a covered chicken pen with chicken house and a brick milking barn with stanchions to round-out what might have been in TIMES PAST. 5) The next row has numerous buildings facing west and running from north to south with water furnished by a domestic well and with all-weather vehicle access roads. These improvements consist of the following: A)Six horse stalls which are divided to accommodate six horses. All horse stalls have outdoor runs with pipe fences and freeze-free water troughs. A large blacksmith shop is located in this area which has access from the horse stalls into the shop. The shop is heated in cold weather by a wood burning stove and used for indoor shoeing of horses with rubber mats covering the concrete floor. A large tack room adjoins the blacksmith shop. Also in this area is a storage garage with a 10 X 10 roll-up door. B)A breeding station with two stalls for a mare and a stallion with a storage room in between to separate the mare from the stallion. C)A totally enclosed, all metal hay barn with a dirt floor, a walk door for access and a tall roof. The barn is equipped with a roll-up door high enough to accommodate a semi load of hay. D)A large, all metal barn for storage of trailers, ranch vehicles, etc. has a concrete floor, two electric roll-up doors and walk doors on the south side and the east end of the building for access. E)Four large horse stalls divided in the middle of each stall to accommodate eight horses and a large exercise area. F)A five ton, above ground, all metal, grain bin on legs with a cone bottom and hand-operated door to unload grains or feed into a wheel-barrow, bucket, etc. for hand feeding of horses or other livestock. G)The domestic well furnishing water for this complex plus the yard at the main house is located in this area together with an underground, pressurized water storage tank. H)An air compressor is also located in this area with an underground air pressure tank. I)A large roping arena constructed with heavy Priefert panels with an air-operated release chute. 6) Going from the main headquarters back out on Hwy 56 and west for a short distance, the property again adjoins Hwy 56 and located there is an employees home which is older but in good condition. The home has 2 bedrooms, a basement used as a guest bedroom and 1 bathroom. A new heating and air conditioning unit was added to the home last year and new double pane windows were installed this year to increase the insulation value of the home. Adjacent to this home is an older, two-car garage, an open hay barn and 8 new horse stalls with runs, tack room and a round pen for training horses. This home has city water plus water being furnished to the horse stalls by a domestic well equipped with a submersible electric motor and pump. In this area of the property there is approximately 50 acres of pasture irrigated with 226.4 shares of water from the Springer Ditch Company. 7) The exterior fences on the ranch are all in excellent condition and are constructed of five strands of barbed wire, alternating steel post and cedar post with two heavy wooden stays between each steel post and cedar post. The exterior gates are all heavy metal with chains and locks to secure access to the ranch. 8) A large set of working/shipping pens is located on the south end of the ranch and is equipped as follows: A)A Priefert squeeze chute with self-catch head gate, 30 ft. adjustable panels and pregnancy check gates. B)A battery powered electronic scale purchased from Abilene Scale Company approximately five years ago which is in good working order, was certified in 2013, is 8X 20 with a 10,000 lb. to 20,000 lb. capacity, model number ASCXY-ZK. C)A long sorting ally with a number of pens. 9) In the style of the Old West a camp house is located near this large set of pens and is furnished with a wood-burning cook stove, a propane operated Servel refrigerator and propane lights. Water is furnished for the cook house from a buried water cistern. A state-of-the-art outhouse rounds out the Old West theme. 10) There are four stock wells in the pastures. Three of the wells have solar powered submersible electric motors and pumps. One stock well is equipped with a submersible electric motor and pump. These wells also furnish water for pipelines located strategically on the ranch. There are twelve dirt tanks (one built with a large dam). The Cimarron River also provides water for the north end of the ranch just south of the headquarters running in an easterly direction through the ranch. 11) Equipment included with the purchase of the ranch is as follows: A)A three hopper, bulk feed storage bin mounted on skids with 30 ton capacity. B)A T&S trip hopper cake feeder (electric). C)A 3050 John Deere tractor with front-end loader and Ganion. D)A 12 ft. disk plow. E)A 14 ft. John Deere 450 grain drill. F)A John Deere land plane (long). Hunting on the ranch consist of Antelope (ten, buck permits last year), one cow and one bull Elk permit (last year) along with White Tail and Mule Deer hunting, an occasional turkey and geese in the winter. Seldom does a ranch come on the market with such great improvements, excellent ranching country on the Cimarron River, located adjacent to an interstate highway and in easy driving distance of several ski runs in the Angel Fire, Taos, Red River areas of northeastern New Mexico, Santa Fe (the state capital), the large city of Albuquerque, Las Vegas and Raton with winter and summer recreation in the nearby Rocky Mountains and all being easily accessible from the ranch. THIS RANCH DESERVES YOUR ATTENTION-LETS LOOK!
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