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A Buyers Journey: Locating a Barn Company

The decision has been made for a wood barn that will include a living space in it.  Now the LandsofAmerica Buyer has to decide who the company will be that supplies this barn. They found out quickly that there are two options out there for a barn:  1.) custom built barn or 2.) a barn kit.  A custom built barn is just that - custom from the ground up.  This includes all the design features, layout of the barn, size of wood, type of wood, brackets, hinges, etc.  A Barn Kit is a package that includes all the parts to build a professionally designed and engineered barn.  Barn Kits are made by barn builders who have fine tuned their products over many years, combining the want and needs of their clients.  They decided to take the most popular and functional aspects of a barn, put it into a package and sell it as a "kit".  

This LandsofAmerica Buyer decided to start down the path of figuring out which of these two options would be best for them.  They quickly decided that going with a company that has already "fine tuned" their barn plans over many years would be better than trying to come up with a custom barn plan and design it themselves.  The one thing they knew they liked was the design of western horse-style barns.  So they took their simple requirements and like everyone these days, typed them straight into - "wood horse barn".

This resulted in a good list of websites and an incredible start to see what was offered out there across the country.  After a few more searches related to their needs, they narrowed it down to 2 different barn kit companies. Both companies had great western horse barn designs, quality materials, and good service.  It came down to design and these LandsofAmerica Buyers chose Barn Pros for their classic western horse style designs.  Of course, it also helped that they had free shipping and no sales tax because it was being purchased from a different state.  

Here are a few photos of the popular designs that Barn Pros offers:

This decision now leads us to the exciting Extreme Barn Raising in the Hill Country of Texas!

Stay tuned as we watch a raw piece of land come to life as we have partnered with Barn Pros to watch a barn be built step-by-step.  There will be photos, videos, price breakdown, options available, and much more!

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