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A Buyers Journey: The Water Well Becomes Useful

We're getting really close to our LandsofAmerica Buyer having running water on the ranch.  There is now a well dug and the electric has just been installed.  The next step is to get a well pump.  In order to decide on which well pump to get, it must be determined how much water per minute the well is going to need to pump.  This particular well is capable of generating 60+ gallons of water per minute based on the test the well drillers performed.   

The Buyer has plans for water that include irrigation, a residence, possible more future residences, and a need to help water levels of future ponds.  They decided it's best to have a more powerful pump just in case it's needed in the future.  As a result, it was recommended to get a 5HP model to have enough power to push the water up from down underground.  The type of well pump is submersible which basically means it's dropped down into the well below the water level.  The pump then pushes the water up to the top of the well at ground level and then it's piped out to wherever it needs to go.  


Closeup of pressure gauge, hose spigot, and release valve for larger amounts of water


Entire water well setup




Video of water being pumped out of 2" PVC


Parts installed with Pump:

-2" Check valve
-2" Schedule 80 PVC Pipe
-8/3 Jacketed Subcable W/Ground
-44 Gallon Pressure Tank
-Cycle Stop 1.25 60gpm
-2" brass couplin
-40/60 Pressure Switch & Gauge
-Meter Box
-Pitless Adapter
-#8 THHN Wire
-#10 THHN Wire
-1" PVC Conduit
-2" Brass Ball Valve
-2" Tapped Check Valve

Cost of 5 HP pump: $3,296

Cost of installation: $900

A working water well with lots of water: Priceless


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