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A Buyers Journey: Getting Electric Setup

Our Buyer now has a hole down through the earth to the water from the well that was drilled.  It'd be great to go ahead and start getting water out for use, but in order to do that one thing is needed to pump it out - electricity.  These days there are actually many different options in order to get electricity to run a well pump or even an entire house.  Besides getting the traditional "electric line" from the local electric company, there are options of solar and wind generated electricity.  It is not easy to find exact information about these alternative sources, so our Buyer decided to run the "electric line" and look into alternative sources later. 

They contacted their local electric company, Central Texas Electric Cooperative (CTEC), and filled out a form requesting electric to be installed.  This process led to the request of utility easements needed by the electric company in order to bring electric across two neighboring properties to the needed location.  These easements are something our Buyer did not have.  He contacted both of his neighbors and they were extrememly considerate and signed the paperwork to give the electric company access to bring power across their properties to the Buyer's ranch.  These easements are something buyers should look into and make sure to get if they're seriously looking into buying a ranch.  If a buyer can't get easement access in certain situations it could cause the buyer to lose thousands of dollars.  

Easements were signed, a location to bring the electric to was decided on, and work began to clear the way for poles to be installed.  Something to consider when planning these clear cuts should be privacy from any public roads.  They can be cut in a certain way so that people driving by can't look from the road and see hundreds of yards into your property which will help minimize theft or poaching.  You also want to make sure and steer the path away from any trees or other landscape you want to keep.  When they are done, nothing will be along these paths any more. 

A bulldozer was dropped off at the ranch and a 30 yard wide clear cut of land was started.  The electric poles were installed every 150 yards all the way down to the location where the electric was needed.  An option our Buyer included was the installation of the electric panel.  If the electric company did not do this, then an electrician would have to come out to install one.  It was less trouble to have them do it and also just as affordable. 

CTEC did a great job clearing and helping to keep the public from being able to see onto the ranch.  Here are some photos of the power line coming from across the road and down through the ranch. 








It looks like they're able to put in a well pump now...



Additional Details:

-Cost of Electric through CTEC was $9 per foot after a set amount of feet which includes, poles, clearing, wiring, etc.

-Cost of electric panel was $250

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