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Finally, More Water!


Ever since our buyer’s property was purchased, the beautiful lakes included in the property have done nothing but get lower and lower. Texas experienced the worst drought of the past few decades, and is still reeling from the losses of agricultural product, deaths of thousands of trees, raging forest fires that lasted for weeks, and waterfront land and docks being left dry and far away from the dwindling lakes they were built on.

As you can see from the below photo of a multiple-day fire that destroyed thousands of acres of property and in fact threatened our buyer’s property, this was not as simple as just a few lakes drying up. In addition to these fires, several towns had to lay emergency pipes to neighboring cities in order to get any water to their citizens at all!

In a welcome  turn, central Texas has received weeks of rain, not constant, but at least once a day. As a result, several areas across central Texas including Dallas are no longer classified as being in a drought, while other areas are still struggling for water.

As a result of this steady rain, we are pleased to announce even the large lake at our buyer’s property has filled, almost to the level it was when the property was bought.  The property buyers feel this has been a real blessing and wanted to share a photo of their filled lake! 



Red arrow used to mark a line of rocks in both photos for help in comparison. 



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