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Drennan Bailey
Drennan Bailey
Bailey Properties, Inc

About Drennan Bailey with Bailey Properties, Inc

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Bailey Properties, Inc. Specializes in the sale and management of distinctive rural properties.

Bailey Properties, Inc. is a full-service land brokerage and management company specializing in the sale of quality rural properties. Through its state and nationwide rural property locator service, Bailey Properties, Inc. brings willing land sellers and interested land buyers together for immediate results. The company has gained special recognition in servicing urban, corporate and international buyers and sellers, as well as family farmers and ranchers.

Drennan Bailey, President of Bailey Properties Inc., is a St. Louis native who has spent his entire working career as a successful landowner and manager of thousands of acres of Missouri and Mid-American farmland and ranchland.

A successful farmer and rancher since 1979, Drennan Bailey brings to the rural properties business a personal understanding of agriculture, ranch, wildlife and outdoor recreation land sales and management.

Bailey built his own championship registered cattle herd through computerized genetic matching, as well as being there-whether vaccinating a cattle herd in the field or helping deliver new calves in the middle of the night. He knows crop, pasture and hunting and fishing potential on sight.

Drennan knows agriculture and he knows investments, but most of all, he knows that land, far above all other forms of financial empowerment, offer immediate utility and personal pleasure, as well as unlimited benefits over the lifetime of the investment.

In addition, farmland also offers an excellent diversification and rock solid security for locking in some stock market equities appreciation.

One of the newly emerging trends, according to Bailey, is the purchase of farms as investments. "Forbes Magazine recently spot lighted an increasing trend in the Chinese economy-a shift toward greater grain consumption by a growing population and an expanding meat industry. This market trend is only one of the many factors causing rising land values in the United States. Farmland always has been but all the more recently a smart investment, offering steady appreciation, tax benefits, cash returns and a hedge against inflation. Along with its practical rewards, land is a tangible commodity with endless recreational riches. We provide investors with trustworthy guidance and agricultural expertise in purchasing farmland or rural property. From the first stage of speculative interest to the final phase of planning the farm operation, we understand buyers' needs from the vantage point of both landowner and land investor.

"We are prepared to focus on the needs of the individual, trustee, advisor or corporation owner with comprehensive management service of their farmland. We prepare a comprehensive farm operating plan to meet the individual owners; short and long-term objectives," says Bailey.

He adds, "Under a typical management agreement, we are responsible for depositing rental funds, sales of crops and inventory reporting, payment of owner's expenses, real estate taxes and insurance, payment of crop production expenses, cash management, and preparing quarterly financial reports with a year-end summary which is useful for tax preparation. Our company proudly delivers professional services to the farmland owner. We believe that the practice of stewardship of the land is a social responsibility that we will gladly handle for our clients.

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