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All of the following features are included with every account:

1.) All properties are automatically advertised on over 350 targeted websites

2.) Unlimited photos that are Huge in size and Unlimited amounts of Text for property descriptions

3.) Custom flyer creator

4.) Upload large maps, aerials, photos, spreadsheets and other helpful files

5.) View number of times properties are Clicked on and seen in search Results

6.) Map exact property location with Aerial, Terrain and Street maps via Google Maps

7.) Complete Contact Management System

8.) Email Marketing System that you can email prospects your properties and others' properties

9.) Have your listings automatically show up on your personal website from Lands of America

10.) Email on All property details pages

11.) See phone number on all property details pages

12.) Upload videos and automatically sent to

13.) 24/7 management of properties from your personal administration area

14.) Instantly email all property details & photos to prospects

15.) Instantly receive emails of new properties posted that meet your criteria

16.) Buyers can search by County, City, Maps, Regions and States to find properties easier

17.) Custom Statistics sheet that includes property views and all websites advertised on

18.) Mini-website and personalized website address with properties, company logo and website link

19.) Ability to access over 15,000 Sales Comps Nationwide